Where Do You Appear In Search Engines?

The SEO Research Phase

Many people gloss over this step. They don’t do the necessary homework. We do!

When someone Googles something, they enter a specific word or phrase. You need to know what people are typing into that search box when they’re looking for you. So the first step is to discover the specific terms that your target customer is using, then build your marketing strategy around the top 5-7 search terms.

  • onside seo discoveryOnsite Optimization Discovery

    • Are your headers, graphics and tags properly optimized?
    • What keywords are used most often on your current site?
    • Does your site have a sitemap and robots file?

    seo internet presence reportInternet Presence and Backlink Report

    • Number of backlinks pointing to your site
    • List of directories where your site appears
    • Are the listings correct and complete?

  • seo keyword researchKeyword Research

    • Is your site optimized for the most searched keywords?
    • What are the most searched keywords for your business?
    • Recommended keywords based on research

    seo competition researchCompetition Report

    • Number of search results you’re competing against
    • How well are your competitor’s optimized?
    • How many backlinks do the top 3 competitors on the first and the second page of google have?

Search Engine Optimized Web Design

Create Consistent Compelling Content

Sound challenging? Well it can be depending on your definition of compelling content. But, it really isn’t if you follow these simple rules. When you hire InfiNet Marketing we can create the content for you depending on the complexity of your business. On the other hand, if you have a budding writer on staff, it’s more effective to write articles in house. You integrate your business’s objectives and style. Nobody can tell your story as well as you can. Nobody knows your business as well as you do!

  • Write for your audience. Create content that matches your expertise and your brand. What do your customers want to know?
  • Create a hard hitting headline. Pique their curiosity so they want to read more.
  • Publish content that you would share with friends and colleagues.
  • Text alone is boring. If you have visuals like charts, graphs or video, include them. If you don’t we’ll find a relevant photo from our vast library.

Market, Share and Interact